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Our Story

We share the ALOHA of Maui. Explore Maui with our Motorcycle Guided Tours. We also provide Motorcycle Rentals by the Day.


Pictured: Founder Errol Easland taking in the beauty of Maui on 2 Wheels.

We are a Family-Run and Family-Owned Motorcycle Rental and Tour Company. We fell in love with the most amazing island in the state of Hawai’i.

Errol Easland - Owner of Maui Dual Sport - Maui Moto Adventures (Maui Motorcycle Rentals and Tours) is a Former Superbike Pro Racer. Errol quickly discovered Maui Island was perfectly set up for motorcycle enthusiasts to thrive on. With amazing weather, off road areas on all levels, many long smooth roads with perfectly banked corners, and amazing views everywhere, there was not a day he didn’t want to be on 2 wheels. 

Watch MAUI CRATER RIDE with Errol Easland

One strong reason for our growing Love and Respect of the Roads on Maui is that we are passionate riders on and off road for many decades.


Our passion is meeting riders from all over the world, and sharing this unreal experience of riding on Maui safely with everyone that rides took over his world. We hope your first ride with us is the first of many while you call Maui your Home Away from Home in Peace, Joyfulness and Adventure!

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