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Your Ride in Paradise is a Phone Call Away! Mahalo for the opportunity to be part of your excursion on the Island of Maui.

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Visit our convenient location located less than 1 mile from Kahululi Airport (OGG) in Maui. 

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There’s nothing like touring the Hawaiian Islands from  the view seen only from a motorcycle hugging the curves that maui turns offers.

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Alex T wrote a review Mar 2013

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Kihei, Hawaii

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"One of our pit stops"

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A truly local experience!

I've lived on Maui for a couple years and have done most of the activities, this by far was the most fun I've had on any activity available on Maui. We rode on mostly every type of terrain from open dirt roads with some jumps, to root and rock filled narrow trails, to head high grass where you could barely see in front of you. 

I was not even aware of the vast and endless trails that we ended up on. Ending up at the top of the hill looking over all of Lahaina and Napili, the views are exceptional. Thrilling, adventurous, radical, gnarly, FUN to say the least. 

All the gear and the bikes were top of the line, and Mike our tour guide was awesome in that he felt out how we rode and chose the trails accordingly. He chose trails we were capable of and some that pushed our limits. Worth every penny!

Date of experience: March 2013

Trip type: Traveled with friends

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Paul S wrote a review Feb 2013

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Denver, Colorado

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This is a no-brainer

If you like riding dirt bikes, and you're on Maui, you spend as many days as possible with Maui Moto Adventures. You'll have your pick from a new fleet of sweet KTMs and you'll see parts of the island you would never see otherwise.

What's really cool is these guys are great at creating adventures for any skill level - adventures being the key word here - these aren't your grandpa's 10-mile loops.

An added bonus for me was getting to test ride a variety of KTMs over the 3 days I rode. I ride regularly here at home, and was actively researching my next bike when I went to Maui.

After riding 3 different bikes, I came home knowing exactly what I wanted. I bought my brand new KTM 350 last weekend and I couldn't be happier.

Go to Maui and get some for yourself! BRAAAAP!!!

Date of experience: April 2013

Trip type: Traveled on business

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Jason H wrote a review Feb 2013

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Calgary, Canada

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"Proper Riding Equipment"

Screenshot 2022-10-25 161153.png

"Amazing View"

Screenshot 2022-10-25 161221.png

"Awesome bikes!"

Screenshot 2022-10-25 161234.png

"Overlooking Lahaina - Cruise ship in background"

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Don't Pass Up This Ride!

If you are ever in Maui or Lani, don't pass up the opportunity to ride with Mike through his company Maui Moto Adventures! I can't think of a better way to enjoy the amazing views Maui or Lani has to offer, other than by getting to those remote areas by riding the top of the line bikes Mike has to offer. 

Mike is able to gauge your skillset and can take you on a ride that is either challenging or a cruiser. Either way it is an amazing experience! All you need to bring with you is your payment and the rest is taken care of. OK….

Maybe a towel for afterwards. :0) Don’t miss out if you are ever in Hawaii and are looking for an alternative way to see those amazing views while having a blast getting there! Remember, it’s not the destination that always counts……. It’s how you get there. ;0)

Date of experience: August 2013

Trip type: Traveled with friends

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Santo450 wrote a review Jan 2013

New York City, New York

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Screenshot 2022-10-25 162312.png
Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

explore Maui on a XC motorcycle

Just when it seemed my stay on Maui couldn't get any better, I hooked up with Maui Moto Adventures for a motorcycle trail ride. If you like riding dirt bikes, then you’re going to love this guided 4-5 hour ride through several types of terrain.

I saw spectacular views and a lot of the island I'd probably never see otherwise. It was a blast! New KTM off-road bikes, all riding gear, lunch, and snacks are included. They offer excursions for every level rider. I highly recommend it!

Date of experience: January 2013

Trip type: Traveled solo

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Faruke L wrote a review Nov 2012

Sheffield, United Kingdom

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Screenshot 2022-10-25 163022.png

"Riding down to the beach"

Screenshot 2022-10-25 163032.png

"Amazing riding through the forest trails"

Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

Wow, amazing riding in Hawaii, you have to do this!

I did a one day ride with the boys at Maui Moto Adventures and had a fantastic experience.
The guys were friendly and professional, they had a choice of new bikes from 125cc up to a monster 450cc. All the equipment was provided and it was the latest new equipment, not some stinky old crap that had been used for year's as I've experienced in other places.

The highlight of the trip though were the unbelievable views, real picture postcard stuff. I have travelled the world but this place is like paradise. I can't recommend these guys enough, if you like riding through some amazing scenery then you have to try this, just don't forget your camera.

Date of experience: October 2012

Trip type: Traveled solo

Discover how we became the perfect starting point for your Maui Island Riding Adventure on 2 Wheels!

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