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Your Ride in Paradise is a Phone Call Away! Mahalo for the opportunity to be part of your excursion on the Island of Maui.

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Visit our convenient location located less than 1 mile from Kahululi Airport (OGG) in Maui. 

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There’s nothing like touring the Hawaiian Islands from  the view seen only from a motorcycle hugging the curves that maui turns offers.

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BTS_0012 wrote a review Jan 2014

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Vancouver, Canada

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Excellent ride, well worth it!

I've been riding offroad on adventure bikes for about 3 years and was a little apprehensive about the skill level needed for ride but had no problem at all. There were four of us on the ride including Mike and we started off on easy, relatively flat dirt roads on a defunct pineapple plantation. 

Mike gradually added a few bits of single track, a stream crossing about 2 feet deep with lots of mud and then a couple of steep climbs over drainage ditches. Mike does this to get an idea of each rider's ability so that the rest of the ride can be adjusted accordingly.

After about 30 minutes of riding through the plantation, we climbed on single track to about 2,000' on a beautiful ridge with tall pine trees above Kaanapali. Here there were a few tricky bits with slippery mud after a few days of rain but it made the ride more challenging and enjoyable. 

This was followed by another ascent on an adjacent ridge where we stopped for lunch before returning to base in Lahaina. Overall ride time was about 5 hours; it's a great workout and a fantastic opportunity to see parts of the island totally inaccessible to tourists.

I will definitely be in touch with Mike again on my next Maui visit!

Date of experience: December 2013

Trip type: Traveled solo

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keithwild wrote a review Jan 2014

Edmonton, Canada

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"Maui 2014"

Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

DO IT!!!!

Wife brought home a brochure for these guys from the corner store. I had said earlier in the trip someone needs to be doing this. I did a little research before calling and found out they do dirt rides as well as dual propose. After a call was made I was booked.

Had my choice of 4 bikes to take today and decided on taking a ktm 250 xc 2 stroke. Bike was great and the ride was one of the best I have ever had. Views are spectacular and you will not get them any where else. They have everything you need. 

Supplied camel backs and lunch. Be upfront with your riding abilities as this will make you ride more pleasurable. Mike has a great setup and I will be returning again on my next trip to maui as well as spreading the word of this great find. Thanks again Mike!!

Date of experience: January 2014

Trip type: Traveled as a couple

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McOrrs wrote a review Jan 2014

Christchurch, New Zealand

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"Top of ridge Maui 2"

Screenshot 2022-10-25 111439.png

"Top of ridge Maui 1"

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Awesome People, Awesome Experience

As an experienced motocross rider I found Maui Moto Adventures a well organised and professional dirt bike tour. Mike was extremely competent and helpful including delivering me to and from the airport. 

His facilities and gear are excellent (late model KTMs to ride etc). A lunch was also supplied along with much needed ice cold water in the Camelbak.

I was lucky enough to have two other experienced riders as part of the tour which made the ride even better. We blasted dirt trails all day long from easier sea level tracks to technical rocky bush trails.

This was an AWESOME experience and I'd highly recommend it to any moto riders. Leave the ladies to the shopping and beaches and come here for the tropical time of your life!

Thanks again Mike - and if you've ever in NZ, look me up and we'll go riding!

Date of experience: December 2013

Trip type: Traveled solo

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Eric M wrote a review Jan 2014

Fox Island, Washington

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"Top of the mountain"

Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

If you ride dirt bikes, this is a must while on the island!!!

This was the highlight of our trip!! Mike takes you for an experience that can't be beat! We were unsure what to expect but it was everything and more. It was a fun and challenging ride, unlike anything we had ever done. Can't wait to get back and do it again! Mike has a first class outfit and takes care of you from the beginning to the end.


Date of experience: December 2013

Trip type: Traveled with friends

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BDVM wrote a review Jan 2014


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"Group shot at First Rest Station on top of Maui"

Screenshot 2022-10-25 112608.png

"Sitting on top of Maui on a KTM"

Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

Maui Moto's - Narly Riding

Let me start by saying, if you like to ride motorized bikes and do not attempt to see Mike at Maui Moto's ..... you should check you head for a concussion! Any bike enthusiast should jump at the chance to experience Maui with Mike as your guide.

His bikes are 2013 Kawasaki KTM's (at the time Mike had both 4 stroke and 2 stroke), full riding gear (boots, chest protectors with arm, shin and knee pads) helmets, goggles, gloves as well as camel packs for water and food. Mike was even able to accommodate my size (6' 4" with size 13 boots).

Total riding time with Mike was about 4 hours of off road adventure which included multiple types of terrains that can challenge any skill level. Keep in mind that Mike can accommodate multiple skill levels (though any prospective riders of lower skill level should mention this and make sure they have a dedicated ride at their skill level).

Having rode dirt bikes for 25 years, I was curious to find out how Mike qualified prospective clients (both for their safety and the bikes). During our ride Mike mentioned that after the initial consultation and riding day prep, any rider who can successfully navigate the first 10 mins of the ride, should be fine for the rest of the trip.

Overall, the bike excursion was awesome! There isn't one thing I can complain about (except the Coconut Water provided at lunch...LOL). 

Not sure how much more I can say (I could likely type forever) except Mike seems to truly care about his customers, stressing safety, prompt communication and value to everyone. The next time I am back in Maui, I will definitely be heading back to Mike for another ride.

Mahalo Mike... keep up the great work!

Date of experience: December 2013

Trip type: Traveled with friends

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DJLogike wrote a review Dec 2013

Detroit, Michigan

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Screenshot 2022-10-25 113249.png

"I love hairpins"

Screenshot 2022-10-25 113301.png

"At 9000 ft atop the clouds of Haleakala"

Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

A beginner's off-road hill climb experience

I took the half-day Haleakala Ride on a 2013 KLR 650 along with mauimoto guide Chris. The route is roughly: 40% gravel-rock-sand hill path, 15% single track trail, 15% field ways and 30% paved road.

I am not much of a off-road rider; however, I over-estimated my skill level at off-roading on BIG adventure bikes. Anyway, a bit more risk makes the fun more exhilarating.

For the record, I fell 5 times at near zero speeds which include: twice on soft sand uphill hairpin turns, twice on gravel uphill turns due to improper de-clutching and rear wheel spin-outs, once on downhill sand turn due to excessive rear braking.

I would recommend this trip to anyone who knows: how to fall, lift a motorcycle and had done some off-roading on a big adventure bike. 

However, I may not be able to do this trip; because it is very difficult to lift a 450 lb bike alone on a off-road hill path. Hope my experience helps you to plan a bit and be ready for the pains and pleasures.

Date of experience: December 2013

Trip type: Traveled solo

Discover how we became the perfect starting point for your Maui Island Riding Adventure on 2 Wheels!

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