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Your Ride in Paradise is a Phone Call Away! Mahalo for the opportunity to be part of your excursion on the Island of Maui.

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Visit our convenient location located less than 1 mile from Kahululi Airport (OGG) in Maui. 

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There’s nothing like touring the Hawaiian Islands from  the view seen only from a motorcycle hugging the curves that maui turns offers.

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kkamdd5 wrote a review May 2015

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"Top of the highest peak"

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AWESOME for our 50th birthday celebration!

Mike the owner was great and my buddy and I had a great time celebrating our 50th birthdays together riding dirt bikes through the Maui landscape, so beautiful and awesome!

Date of experience: May 2015

Trip type: Traveled as a couple

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Grant315 wrote a review Mar 2015

Duluth, Minnesota

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"Dass, the guide up in the clouds"

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A true Off-road Ride!

This is a true off-road ride tailored to your riding ability.(at least the guide, Dass, never made me feel like I was slowing him down.) A quality bike and gear were supplied. An awesome way to get off the beaten path and see a different side of Hawaii. I would do it again.
Grant L

Date of experience: February 2015

Trip type: Traveled as a couple

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Bwneff wrote a review Jan 2015

Lake Villa, Illinois

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"Rt 31 Maui"

Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

Awesome People, Awesome Experience

I rented 2 bikes one day and got my son a ride with Mike for an off road experience and both experiences were great!!! Mike and his staff were knowledgable, friendly, and helpfull in making out experience to Maui they best that it could be. 

Mike was flexible with our rental day and did not just rent bike to make money but thought of our safety to not ride in bad weather. When I get back to Maui I plan to rent from Mike again; he and his staff treated us more like friends then customers. Awesome business and awesome people!!!!!!

Date of experience: December 2014

Trip type: Traveled with family

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Nate H wrote a review Dec 2014

Minot, North Dakota, United States

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"Awesome view from the top"

Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

Top Performance

Took a tour with Maui Mike, who was a bit under the weather, so Daas showed us around. A superb ride we went on. We were looking for some stuff that was difficult and would wear us out. Daas did just that. Nobody got hurt.

If you like trees, roots, lava rocks, grass that's 7 feet tall, tight single track, or just two track trails Maui Moto Adventures can show you as much as you can handle and have a ton of fun. If one day wasn't good enough, I had to convince Maui Mike to let me go out for another ride, so he slipped me in on short notice (I was lucky because all the bikes except one were being used that day).

Yes it is that fun! I don't know if I'll ever get back to Maui, but I'm definitely going back to Maui Moto Adventures.

ND Nate.

Date of experience: December 2014

Trip type: Traveled with friends

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Brian S wrote a review Aug 2014

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Screenshot 2022-10-25 094616.png
Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

Maui dual sport

Had a great ride around Haleakala. Good guys with local knowledge, rides geared towards your pace. I look forward to doing it again. I've ridden motorcycles for 40 years and Maui is definitely an excellent place ride one.

Screenshot 2022-10-25 095119_edited.jpg

NoCoErik wrote a review Mar 2014

Greeley, Colorado

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Screenshot 2022-10-25 095213.png

"Somewhere above the clouds Maui"

Screenshot 2022-10-25 095226.png

"Summit of Haleakala"

Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

DO IT! -- The most fun I've had on Maui

This is by far the most fun I've had on Maui. We have family that has a place there so we stay for free (lucky, I know). That means we go as often as we can afford airline tickets. This was my first time riding there, but it won't be my last. This was by far the best two days I've had on Maui ever.

My brother and I rented KLRs and got some beta from Chris on road recommendations and closures, etc. and then took off on our own. Absolutely awesome! We did exactly 150 miles per day (not sure how we did that), so we were on the bikes a LOT. 

They're really well maintained machines with a small luggage unit on the back. Very helpful. Their advice was dead on as to what we could/should do. It was so much fun, I wish we'd have had them for three days and had stopped more.

Chris and his team were great before we got there with recommendations and a break on multi-day rentals (ask!). The equipment was ok. The pants had CE armor on the knees, but the jacket was just a heavy duty windbreaker/rain jacket. Good, but no armor. 

Helmets were ok (full face). I brought my own tight-fitting sunglasses and wore the shield open most of the time. Good selection of boots. I brought my own gloves.

Just FYI. Note that there are about three places on the island where you can even go 55 (and both are flat and straight) so it's not like full-armor is a must IMHO. The FUN stuff is 15-35 MPH and bucket loads of turns. 

Hey, I live in Colorado and ride my DR650 in the mountains, up canyons, etc., so I've been on a turn or two, but Maui? I cannot even begin to describe how many turns there are. On the 60 or so mile road to Hana I think there are something like 620 turns (?). And that's just one part of the island highway.

This is going to be a peat and repeat attraction for me absolutely every time. The'll coach you well so you can stay within your skill and adventure level. Be honest with them and they'll be straight with you too. If the TripAdvisor scale was 1-10, they'd get a solid 10. Maybe an 11.

Date of experience: March 2014

Trip type: Traveled with friends

Discover how we became the perfect starting point for your Maui Island Riding Adventure on 2 Wheels!

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