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Your Ride in Paradise is a Phone Call Away! Mahalo for the opportunity to be part of your excursion on the Island of Maui.

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Visit our convenient location located less than 1 mile from Kahululi Airport (OGG) in Maui. 

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There’s nothing like touring the Hawaiian Islands from  the view seen only from a motorcycle hugging the curves that maui turns offers.

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Michelle K wrote a review Dec 2015

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"Feeling on top of the world"

Pasadena, California

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Don't think... JUST BOOK IT!!!!

If you ride a dirt bike, this is a must do!!!! It's beautiful, majestic, challenging, and dirty!!! This review is way over due as I was on the tour in November, but I keep plotting on how quickly I can get back. It was the highlight of my trip to Maui. 

This run in particular was just Mike and myself. He did a great job at assessing my skill level and providing a ride that was equally fun and challenging. Zooming through sugar cane grasses, twisting through trees, climbing to the top of the mountain. 

Amazing and beautiful view. But I also slipped and slid and got stuck in the “Maui ice” mud, and Mike was always ready to help if necessary. So you don’t have to be a perfect rider for this tour, just determined. Plan of having one of the most amazing moto days of your life!

Next time I will bring my own gear just for comfortability, but Mike provides everything you will need. I can’t wait to go back!!!

Date of experience: November 2015

Trip type: Traveled solo

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Jill V wrote a review Dec 2015

Honolulu, Hawaii

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"Redsand beach"

Screenshot 2022-10-24 162121.png

"Waterfall lunch - swim"

Screenshot 2022-10-24 162131.png

"Secluded side of Maui"

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"Father & Son Tour"

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Adventure of a lifetime

My wife booked the Maui motorcycle tour for my son and I. We didn't quite know what to expect but were very happy with the tour. Andrew led our all day tour that just included the 3 of us. We quickly checked in, left around 10am on KLR 650's, and returned just before dark around 5pm. 

Our tour took us over a 100 miles all of the way around Haleakala. Stopped at some great sites that we could never have found on our own including waterfalls, rock cliffs that we jumped off of into pool below, red sand beach, Pe'ahi (Jaws) and many other great vistas. Bikes were perfect, and roads really fun to ride.

Date of experience: December 2015

Trip type: Traveled with friends

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Marco T wrote a review Dec 2015

Calgary, Canada

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"Haleakala Crater with Maui Dualsport KLR650"

Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

Great bikes - Great Riding

The wife and I rented a KLR650 to go see the Pe'ahi Challenge (aka Surfing at Jaws), but all the access roads were closed off. Turned around and went up the crater. We had never been to the crater before. The KLR was almost a perfect bike for riding around local roads and doing the crater run.

GS1200 and KTM adventurer would be complete overkill. The road up the crater is fantastic. One strange note - the Park Entrance made us pay $18 (1motorcycle + one extra person) which made no sense considering you can have a 14 passenger van and only pay $15

Anyway - the ride was great, the bike performed as it should, and Mike was around on a Sunday to rent us the bike and take it back (we wanted to return it the same day). Maui Dualsport lent us the full face helmets for free.

One thing I didn't know is they are also Maui Moto. They rent KTM and other dirt bikes for romping some supposedly excellent single track. I'd love to do that next time I am on the Island, but we are running out of time on this vacation.

Marco from Canada

Date of experience: December 2015

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Kstal wrote a review Aug 2015

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Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

2nd Epic Adventure on Maui

Another epic day riding with Mike, thank you so much for the experience! Wicked trails and terrain nothing beats riding on Maui even with the bit of rain we were caught in! This is a tour that must be done for any experienced rider, the bikes are top notch a little something for everyone... You will not be disappointed! I will do this tour every time I visit Maui.. Mahalo!

Date of experience: August 2015

Trip type: Traveled solo

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Tim F wrote a review Aug 2015

Ojai, California

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"Great views up top!"

Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

Great Ride with Maui Moto!

I had a great ride with Mike (owner / Guide) and Cam from AUS. Wide variety of terrain, from dust and rocks up into the forest with tight technical tree riding, dense 'jungle', tight rutted climbs, roots and tons of single track. 

Mike set us up with ice cold water for the whole ride, good lunch and snacks and lots of info at stops about the area. Good gear selection, and awesome 2015 300 EXW to ride! If you ride and are in Maui - you have to go! Not for beginners, but trails best for solid experienced riders or you wont have a good time :-)

Date of experience: December 2015

Trip type: Traveled solo

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D N wrote a review May 2015


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Screenshot 2022-10-20 120734.png

Haleakala Ride

Mike and Drew were helpful in making this fantastic ride happen. It is requires some ability to ride in dirt and street. It was a great way see a part of the island off not frequently visited by tourists.

Date of experience: May 2015

Trip type: Traveled solo

Discover how we became the perfect starting point for your Maui Island Riding Adventure on 2 Wheels!

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