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Explore the beautiful and majestic Island of Maui on 2 Wheels

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All Guided Motorcycle Tours can be at Custom Hours per Request.

HANA Loop Full 360°Dual Sport Tour

HALEAKALA Volcano Tour

Full Day Maui Street Cruise

The Perfect Starting Point for your Island Riding Adventure in Maui! 

  • Guided motorcycle tours are also available Private / Group

  • All riding gear included with adventure tours.

  • Helmets will be supplied free of charge to all riders.

  • Full set of rental gear $25 (Gloves, Boots, Jacket)

Visit our convenient location located less than Two miles from Kahululi Airport (OGG) in Maui. 

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Our Location: 

Whether you’re looking to rent a motorcycle for a quick day trip around Maui or you want a long term rental motorcycle to ride for your entire vacation, Maui Motorcycle Rentals and Tours (part of Maui Dual Sport) has the Motorcycle Tours you want as you travel the Valley Isle.

There’s nothing like touring the Hawaiian Islands from  the view seen only from a motorcycle hugging the curves that maui turns offers.

Discover how we became the perfect starting point for your island riding adventure.

Hana Loop Full 360°Dual Sport Tour "Road to Hana on 2 Wheels"   (Full Day Guided Tour - Starts at 9:00 am-5:00 pm) 

Poli Poli Dual Sport Tour                                                                          (Half Day Guided Tour - Starts at 9:00 am-1:00 pm) 

Haleakala Street Session                                                                         (1/2 Day Guided Tour -   Starts at 9:00 am-1:00 pm)

Maui Street Cruise                                                                                    (FULL Day Guided Tour - Starts at 9:00 am-5:00 pm) 

We are here to take you on an  Excursion on Maui.

Let us know what you need, and we will sure do our Best to make Riding in Paradise a Memorable Experience for you!

Your Schedule is OUR PRIORITY!

Hana Loop


Dual Sport tour:

This is the ride that made this business a must do in Maui!

Enjoy the full day 360’ degree tour of the Hana side of Maui, going through the beautiful upcountry area covered with colorful trees, ranches full of quiet country and cattle. Feel the climate rapidly change as you go from sea level to 400 feet in minutes, allowing you to feel the change 1 degree at a time.

Make your way around the Kula and Ulupalakua side leading to what i call the dark side of the moon. An amazing world that has created itself over all the lava rock foundations, looking nothing like any other part of the Valley Isle. Leading then to Kaupo and the Windmills, before the smooth road ends and the volcanic beach cliff edges where paths were blown in for horses and no room to really change it much.

Next thing you know you're surrounded by waterfalls as you enter the rain forest of Hana. The most loved part of the state that even those of us that live here cant get enough of. Been doing it for 15 years and it each excursion adventure there is always something new to be seen and experienced!

Poli Poli Dual Sport Tour

Smooth Curves Near the Farms and Rodeos from Central Maui to Haleakala Crater

Take the half day ride that cruises from central Maui to over 8000 feet up the tightest/roughest path up Haleakala crater, or as far as you can make it! It slowly gets rougher as you climb, so easy to decide when your limit has been hit! From smooth curves near the farms and rodeos to the rougher off road patches not many people ever get to see.

Ride past where the paragliders launch from and above. An amazing climb! 

Haleakala Half Day Street Session

My Personal Favorite On Maui.  Feels like you are on the MOON!

Haleakala gives you the fastest ride on the planet from sea level to 10,000 feet.

50 perfectly banked turns and no intersecting traffic, to the summit where we can look over the land made by the eruption of Haleakala long ago.

Then followed by a ride down to the windmills and Kaupo, near sea level, to see where the lava flow ended and touched the sea. More perfect road full of windy undulations and unique views on the bottom of Haleakala.

The ride Maui riding residents enjoy every week. Absolutely stunning on a good bike

FULL Day Maui Street Cruise

See Waterfalls, Blow Holes and Beautiful Views of Neighboring Islands

Perfectly Banked Corners

Full day Maui explore tour details:

Starting in central Maui, Enjoy the full 360’ napili loop around the complete west side. 

Seeing waterfalls, blow holes, and views of neighboring islands.

Most of it is rarely seen by visitors given the narrowness of most of the road!

But motorcycles own it! Like it was made for us :) 

Followed by a cruise around and up to the summit of Haleakala crater.

Fastest road climb on earth to 10,000 feet! Up through the pure country of Maui. No intersecting traffic, perfectly banked corners, and the feeling of 15 degrees of climate change 1 at a time. Absolutely a must ride that you will realize was on your bucket list!  

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